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Shannon Beer

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Shannon Beer

     LLB (King's College London)

     MNU-Certified Nutritionist

     Cert III in Fitness (IFA)

     MI and ACT-trained

     Currently studying Food, Nutrition and              Health at University College Dublin

I have always had one foot in the fitness industry and a head in the clouds.

After completing my law degree I decided to switch paths to become a nutrition professional and explore more of the world. Spending the past two years (and counting) living out of a suitcase has lead me to Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, LA, Singapore, Dublin, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Florida, New Orleans, New York and Hawaii, and has given me a unique perspective on health, fitness, and what it means to live a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle. I believe that our training and nutrition should enhance our life, not consume it, and health is about far more than simply aesthetics and performance (although that's nice too).

I believe that health is an adaptive, emergent state arising from the synergism of the somato, psycho, socio and semiotic domains of health; my coaching practices consider that context.

I value truth, strength, compassion, vulnerability, humility, courage and commitment.​

My weeks are a mixture of coaching, studying, reading, writing, hiking, travelling, lifting weights, and exploring  coffee shops. 

Most importantly, I love a good whiskey.

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