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Kate Wall

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Kate Wall RNutr, MSc

I am based in the UK and started my career in Nursing and spent 13 years in Critical Care.  As someone who loves being in the caring profession and a massive foodie, becoming a nutritional professional seemed the perfect career move for me.  I completed my Masters in Nutrition and Public Health Management at Sheffield Hallam University in 2018.  

After completing this I have worked with primary schools developing an national education programme for children to learn a healthy approach to nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental well being.

Following this I moved back into the NHS and have been working in a weight management service where I quickly learnt the damage that weight stigma causes, and how this impacts on individuals. It also became apparent how little I talk about Nutrition as a Nutritionist Vs the psychology behind why someone is eating how they do.  It seems like people feel they have to anything to lose weight, no matter what the cost to other areas of their lives.  My approach is always to help people move towards health and happiness, but this sometimes seemed hard to achieve.

This led me to look into how I could further develop myself  to better support my clients and where my fascination into the psychology of eating began.  The more I looked into this, the more I felt confused as it seemed you had to choose your camp; Diet or Non-Diet; which didn't sit right with me- why couldn't we just do what was best for the person in from of us?  Luckily I then stumbled across  Comprehensive Coaching to 'Bridge the Gap'.

After completing the Comprehensive Coaching webinar series, I felt really inspired and knew this approach was the way forward for me as a coach and I linked up with Gabrielle and Shannon and I am now glad to be part of the team, where I can learn and grow as a coach and be part of a really positive community.

My week is a mix of business development, interning, family, cooking and walking (The peak district national park is my back garden)!




Anne-Claire Mitchell


Anne-Claire Mitchell, MSc, MSc-c Nutrition              Science

I believe that flourishing health stems from the integration of  the physical self, the emotional self, the psychospiritual self, and the self as an extension of community and environment. We are all worthy of thriving in these ways. 

Currently based in my home state of Washington, I come from a multifaceted background in art and science. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Plant and Soil Science and, subsequently, my Master of Science in Environmental Science in 2013, while simultaneously maintaining a studio art practice.


During my education, I became interested in the interdependent relationships between food systems, ecology, and global nutrition. Following graduate school, I worked briefly in the renewable energy industry, promoting food-waste-to-energy solutions, before transitioning to a career in Art Administration.

As a cultural worker, I advocated for state arts  funding and cultural initiatives, creative programs supporting underserved communities,  and I co-founded a grassroots arts organization in my hometown. Last year, I returned back to graduate school to pursue a second Master's in Nutrition Science, adding another perspective to my understanding of "health." 

These diverse experiences left me with sensitivity toward the challenges people face in all domains of life-systemically, socially, physically, creatively, etc. I hope to translate this broad lens and sense of advocacy into trusting, compassionate partnerships with my coaching clients. I'm thrilled to be continuing my education with my Comprehensive Coaching mentors and teammates, whose values and nuanced approach to flourishing health inspires my own. 

Equally important to me are my yoga and meditation practice, the ability to travel and connect with nature, my two dogs, and my piano!



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