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In an industry that glamourises extreme physiques and champions fads and quick fixes, we know what it's like to feel like you are the only coach who cares about helping your clients to flourish. As a client, you may feel confused and frustrated by conflicting information and coaching styles that don't value your insight and unique expertise.

There are a number of coaches and clients who all feel the same way. 

This is why we created the Comprehensive Coaching Community.

Join now to meet like-minded coaches  and clients from around the world who are working together to Bridge the Gap.

Interested in bringing a group of coaches or clients on board? Contact us for group pricing options!

If you are a client who does not coach others, contact us for exclusive rates!

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Janell Saville, MA

Matt Davis, UK

Jessika Ramie, NY

Health & Wellness Coach

I joined Comprehensive Coaching because Shannon and Dr. Fundaro are true leaders in this space. Their science backed, compassionate, client centered approach is what this world needs more of. I am so appreciative of the resources provided in Comprehensive Coaching site and the direct access to Shannon and Dr. Fundaro via the monthly Q&A's as well as the network of like minded people in the FB community.

Health and Wellness Coach

I originally joined comprehensive coaching after I heard Gabrielle Fundaro and Shannon Beer talking on a podcast about weight neutral approaches, HAES and intuitive eating. At the time I was studying my Masters in Human Nutrition and was looking for a topic to do my research project on. I had always been fascinated in the science of dieting (both physical and psychological). but was very pro dieting and this was reflected in my coaching practises and messaging.

Online Trainer & Nutrition Coach

I joined comprehensive coaching because I stumbled across the bridging the gap article series and quickly became obsessed with the concepts that were being discussed and wanted to learn everything I could about coaching in this space. Before I found the comprehensive coaching space I was feeling like part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Today I am finding joy in coaching as I am able to assist clients in finding more happiness on the journey and I feel better able to effect change in their lives.