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Bridging the Gap provides nuanced content, context, and education around the history, culture, and current discourse in the health, wellness, and fitness industries.

Comprehensive Coaching is the applied framework for a conscientious approach which facilitates changes in a client’s internal environment to empower them to confidently, independently, and intentionally respond to external challenges with beneficial adaptations in order to flourish.


To enhance industry conversations and coaching practices by bridging the ideological gaps with shared meaning and deeper understanding of how and why people change.


We operate based on the following set of beliefs:

  • Individuals possess innate worth and the capacity to change.

  • Individuals have a right to make informed choices about their dietary and physical activity habits.

  • Effective coaching relationships require mutual trust, understanding, collaboration, and empathy.

  • Productive coaching relationships enhance client capacity and self-efficacy.

  • Effective conversations require shared meaning and understanding.


  • Embody the attitude of Comprehensive Coaching with peers and clients.

  • Prioritize the client’s values and identity to guide appropriate goal-setting.

  • Bolster client self-efficacy by identifying their unique strengths and acknowledging past successes.

  • Encourage client autonomy by acknowledging the individuality of client and ensuring their ability to provide informed consent.

  • Evoke psychological flexibility and adaptive behavior so that individuals are equipped with the necessary skills to take value-oriented action in a range of environments.

  • Employ the framework of Intentional Eating with nutritional agnosticism and impartiality to the approach taken by the client.

  • Utilize ethical, evidence-based practice, integrating research evidence, personal experience/expertise, and the client’s values, preferences and circumstances.

  • Communicate and educate about complex, nuanced topics in a compassionate, balanced, pragmatic manner.

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