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Learn how to get clear on your message as a coach and help more people navigate their health, physique and performance goals.


Our two part webinar series will improve your confidence in coaching internally and externally regulated eating, in addition to weight loss or weight neutral goals.


What is intentional eating?

It's a nutritionally-agnostic & anti-dogmatic way to approach nutrition, where the "best" approach is the one most useful to the individual.


Your best approach lies at the intersection of your experiences, preferences, and goals.


Enhance your understanding of the pros, cons, applications and limitations of mindful eating, intuitive eating, or tracking methods such as IIFYM or plate-planning.



- Webinar 1 (70 mins)

  • The commonalities and differences between the pro-diet and anti-diet debate
  • The relationship between weight, BMI, dieting, eating pathology
  • The nuance of dietary restraint
  • Introduction to the Spectrum of Intentional Eating


- Webinar 2 (65 mins)

  • Exploring domains of dieting
  • Identifying warning signs in behaviour and beliefs 
  • Protective factors & dieting safely
  • Implementation of Intentional Eating

REPLAY: Spectrum of Intentional Eating Webinar Series

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