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Are you struggling to navigate the middle ground between pro-diet and anti-diet groups?


Our CC bundle is designed to help you get clear on your message as a coach and help more people navigate their health, physique and performance goals.


You will learn:

  • How do we help people lose fat safely?
  • How do we really improve relationship with food and body image?
  • If we don't track macros, then what?
  • Are weight neutral approaches actually effective?
  • How to spot warning signs of disordered eating 
  • More about Intentional Eating, a nutritionally-agnostic & anti-dogmatic way to approach nutrition
  • The pros, cons, applications and limitations of mindful eating, intuitive eating,and tracking methods


This bundle draws together all of our work thus far. 



- 3 part Bridging The Gap Webinar series & PDF downloads

- 2 part Intentional Eating Webinar series & PDF downloads

- Intro to Comprehensive Coaching Workbook

Comprehensive Coaching Bundle

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