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Our industry is dynamic and complex, giving rise to subcultures and ideologies that sometimes appear at odds. It is our mission to facilitate shared meaning and understanding in order to evoke productive discourse for the betterment of clients and coaches

As we explore literature, engage in continuing education courses, and consult with fellow coaches and clients, themes and patterns emerge as markers of effective coaching. We invite you to explore our Bridging the Gap Article series to learn more about the social, cultural, political and historical perspectives of the fitness industry. We also explore the intersections of health, wellness, fitness, food, and psychology. We have conceptualized an iterative framework of a holistic, nutritionally-agnostic, weight-impartial approach to facilitating behavior change from the inside out. This Comprehensive Coaching © framework includes a set of principles that inform an organically emergent process embodied by a specific attitude.

Thus, in pursuit of our mission, we are eager to share this collaborative approach to coaching as well as written works and discussions. We invite you to engage with us as we continue bridging the gap!